The Life Of A Scholar, LLC.

Experienced. Credentialed. Supportive.

The Life Of A Scholar, LLC. is an educational coaching and consulting firm that helps graduate students succeed. 

Dr. Callie Womble Edwards - affectionally called Dr. Callie - founded The Life Of A Scholar, LLC. on February 12, 2015, as a way to "pay forward" the extraordinary enrichment opportunities she has benefited from.  Dr. Callie is a first-generation college student who earned her Ph.D. at the age of 27 with a 4.0 GPA. She completely funded her undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees with scholarships and grants, leaving her with no student loan debt. 

Dr. Callie's specialties are helping students to:

(1) identify and apply for their ideal graduate programs, 

(2) identify and apply for scholarships and fellowships to help fund their studies, 

(3) complete their dissertations, and 

(4) secure and thrive in jobs they love!


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