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Virtual Writing Retreat

The Becoming A Doctor Dissertation Coaching Program is excited to announce that we will host a virtual dissertation Writing Retreat on Saturday, January 28 from 12 pm - 5 pm EST. 

Jumpstart your 2023 with a clear writing plan, actionable strategies, and accountability to achieve your dissertation writing goals!

This retreat will be free for all members of the Becoming A Doctor program including coaching clients and members of our free online community. Non-members may also attend for $25. 

Retreat: About Me
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Retreat Schedule-At-A-Glance

January 28, 2023

Retreat: Schedule


12 - 12: 15 PM

  • Introductions 

  • Writing Warm Up 

Opening Workshop

12: 15 - 12: 30PM

  • ​Scholar Tips to Make Writing Easier

  • Goal Setting & Affirmations

Writing Rounds

12: 30  - 2: 30 PM

  • 25 minute writing rounds moderated with Coaching Conversations led by Dr. Callie and followed by 5 minute breaks


2:30 - 2:45 PM

  • Snack & Bio Break

  • Review/Realign Goals 

  • Revisit Affirmations 

Writing Rounds

2:45 - 4:45 PM

  • 25 minute writing rounds moderated with Coaching Conversations led by Dr. Callie and followed by 5 minute breaks


4:45 - 5 PM

  • Wrap Up Activity 

  • Continuing Your Writing Momentum Beyond the Retreat

Becoming A Doctor Virtual Writing Retreat
Retreat: Image
Image by Jess Bailey

Retreat FAQs

Retreat: FAQ

What can I expect as a retreat participant?

You can expect to learn and practice strategies for maintaining your writing productivity and accountability. See the schedule at a glance for more details about the flow the day.

How should I prepare for the retreat?

  • Identify a quiet place to join - such as your home, the library, or a coffee shop.

  • Start identifying the writing task(s) you would like to accomplish during the retreat

  • Gather all necessary notes, outlines, drafts related to your writing tasks 

  • Email your writing questions/concerns to Dr. Callie by Thursday January 26 (

What materials do I need for the retreat?

The retreat is virtual so access to the internet and Zoom is the first requirement. Please register for the retreat here

Additionally, having access to your writing materials whether electronic (i.e., laptop, iPad, etc.) or paper (notebook, books, articles, etc.) 

Moreover, having access "Scholar Fuel" such as your favorite beverages (i.e., coffee, tea, water), snacks, and candies is always important. You must stay hydrated and keep fueling your temple. #BrainFood

Finally, and most importantly, a positive attitude and dedication are absolute necessities. You will only get out of this experience as much as you put into it. Your future awaits, Future Doctors!

Do I have to stay online for the entire session?

No - while the five hour session has been curated for maximum benefit; we understand that you are busy and may have prior obligations the day of the retreat. Please review the schedule at a glance and attend the sessions that fit your needs and schedule.

Will the session be recorded?

Yes, portions of the session will be recorded and shared with participants pending consent from all participants.

I'm not available on Jan. 28 , will there be other retreats?

Yes, we will host more writing retreats in 2023. To stay informed subscribe below.

If you have any additional questions, please email

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