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Dr. angela gay-audre


Dr. angela gay-audre (she/they) is a Black feminist and womanist qualitative researcher, storyteller, and truth seeker. She is a 16+ year higher education professional. As a racial equity practitioner she is a multi-hyphenate thinker, creator, and interdisciplinary scholar. They currently serve as Director of the African American Cultural Center at NC State and is the curator and founder of Collective Care LiberationHaus LLC. 

Dr. angela holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development with a special emphasis on Higher Education, Equity, Opportunity, and Justice. She also has a bachelor’s degree in organizational communication and a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, alongside a Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies.


Dr. angela’s passion is to help people not only create liberatory work, but to engage in the action of liberation themselves —in every moment choosing freedom so they may actualize their fullest sense of self. Dr. angela is well versed in critical theories, Black feminist thought, womanism, and the blending of theory into conceptual frameworks. Her dissertation was an endarkened narrative theory that pushed the boundaries of traditional dissertation projects. Dr. angela infuses spirituality, holistic care, and love into her work with people. 

Fun fact: Dr. angela taught herself how to sketch on her iPad during the height of the pandemic.

Dr. angela gay-audre
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