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Research and evaluation methodologies support organizations in making informed decisions based on evidence.


However, many professionals lack the necessary time or technical expertise for conducting these analyses. 


Don't miss out on the opportunity to use data to improve your organization. 

Outsource your research and evaluation to us, and allow us to simplify the process of evidence-based decision-making for you!

Research Design and Methodology 

  • We craft robust qualitative and mixed method studies in collaboration with our clients, ensuring a tailored approach that addresses the specific questions and concerns that matter most to them.

Reporting and Dissemination

  • We develop and edit research deliverables (i.e., presentations, reports, manuscripts, etc)  for our clients ensuring clarity and cohesion.

Data Collection and Analysis

  • We gather and analyze qualitative and mixed methods data on behalf of our clients, employing well-established frameworks to ensure a rigorous and insightful approach to the research process.

Outcomes Assessment 

  • We evaluate and measure the impact of programs and initiatives based upon predetermined learning objectives.

What Our Clients Say


Dr. Sara Weiss, Vice President & Director of Research

Center for Responsible Lending (CRL)

Dr. Edwards and her team were exceptionally well-organized and professional, making scheduling focus groups with 20+ participants seamless and providing timely updates on their

progress. Dr. Edwards is a delight to work with and her project management and collaboration skills are truly impressive. We would not hesitate to collaborate with her again if the opportunity arose and we are happy to recommend her services.

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