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The Life Of A Scholar, LLC. is an educational coaching and consulting agency based in North Carolina.  We specialize in Graduate Student Success, Dissertation Coaching, and Research and Evaluation Services.

Dr. Callie Womble Edwards - affectionately called Dr. Callie - founded The Life Of A Scholar, LLC. on February 12, 2015, as a way to "pay forward" the extraordinary enrichment opportunities she has benefited from.  Dr. Callie is a first-generation college student who earned her Ph.D. at the age of 27 with a 4.0 GPA. She completely funded her undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees with scholarships and grants, leaving her with no student loan debt.


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Since launching in 2015, The Life Of A Scholar, LLC. has been happily sharing scholar tips and helpful resources with clients and with the greater community. We believe that everybody, not just our loyal clients, should have access to the information and tools that will lead to more fulfilling academic and career pursuits. We post stories and resources below. Check them out and contact us if you want to learn more.


Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Stereotype Threat: Reconceptualizing the Definition of a Scholar

September 2019

In this critical autoethnography I (Dr. Callie) explore the theoretical underpinnings of the imposter syndrome, stereotype threat, and intersectionality to give voice to my lived experiences as a young, Black woman in the predominately middle-aged, White, male academy. While retelling the stories of both my childhood and young adulthood, I speak my truth while connecting theory to praxis. I also explain how I overcame imposter syndrome and stereotype threat by reconceptualizing the definition of a scholar. In the spirit of the opening quote from Audre Lorde, I had to define myself for myself to both survive and thrive. Finally, I offer several recommendations for women of color to consider as they navigate their own space and place in the elusive ivory tower.


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